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Private investigators uncovering the evidence nationwide since 1988.

The truth is out there, It’s time to investigate.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help you or your business to gain peace of mind. We are discreet and professional and capable of providing support across the UK and abroad.

Private Services

If you need peace of mind then A1 Investigations can help you. Whatever situation you are dealing with, our services can help you find out the truth.

Close Protection

With over 30 years experience, we are able to offer a bespoke protection service tailored to your circumstances.


Your local and global private investigators - discreet and professional services for every situation. Uncovering the evidence nationwide since 1988.

Our Professional Private Investigation Bureau is recognised by The World Association of Professional Investigators, the Federation of Small Businesses and The Security Industry Authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always encourage people to call us to ask any questions but over the years we’ve also found that some people prefer to read through some key information before we speak.

Absolutely. One thing that we guarantee is confidentiality and we know that this is extremely important to our clients. You remain in control of the work we undertake at all times. We know that picking up the phone to us or sending an email is a big step and can be daunting but we are here to support you every step of the way and that starts with total confidentiality.

Of course it is. We completely understand that you may need to discuss and explore your options and seek reassurance before you make the final decision on the service’s you want us to provide. We know that being able to chat through options and details is helpful and we are here 24/7 to answer your queries.

There can be many reasons people need the services of a professional private investigator. Most often it is because they need help to solve personal or professional problems and need the expertise of a qualified and experienced professional to get the answers they need in a discrete, safe and efficient way. It will also put clients with personal problems one step ahead in their situation so they have all of the facts they need to support them. In circumstances where there might be a court case, the work of a private investigator can help gather vital information for solicitors to use. The information that is gathered can help give peace of mind or may help you understand the next steps you need to take with regards to a particular situation or issue.

One of the UK’s leading private investigation agencies

We started life as Wrexham and Clwyd Investigations in 1988 and quickly became a trusted and respected investigation agency, with numerous offices across North Wales and the North West of England offering a variety of private investigation services. As we grew and the demand for services like ours changed and evolved, we brought everything together into one new business name: A1 Investigations Bureau Ltd.

Years of Experience
Clients Helped
Cases Solved


We’ve been uncovering the evidence since 1988.

Tracing a bad debtor

“I used A1 Services last year to trace a bad debtor. This was quickly achieved and meant an application to Court for outstanding funds could be made. Last week we were paid in full. Thank you.”

Very discreet

Very discreet, professional and thorough. Sorted out a personal issue in a very timely manner and tailored to my budget. Great stuff!”
Mr A

Excellent job

“I contacted A1 from a recommendation and they did an excellent job locating a lost family member. They were professional in their approach, well priced and delivered.”

First-class service

“The team at A1 provided a first-class service and were very reasonably priced. I used them for three jobs in total and would highly recommend them.”
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