Corporate Investigation Services

We offer a range of corporate services to support businesses in tackling both internal and external threats to their business. Regradless of the situation you are facing, we have services to support your in collecting evidence.

Sadly, criminal activity across the corporate and business world is on the increase. Millions of pounds are lost by industries every year through fraud, theft and industrial espionage.

A1 Investigations provides a range of corporate services that will preserve your business and industry from threats.

Industrial espionage

Put simply, industrial espionage is about businesses trying to gain a competitive edge and advantage over another by acquiring sensitive and confidential competitor information. It can play out in a number of ways.

Industrial and corporate undercover specialists

Our corporate and industrial investigation services have never been more in demand, especially in this age of digital technology which makes carrying out these crimes easier than ever before.

Employee absenteeism and misconduct

If an employee is regularly absent without a genuine reason, then this is a misconduct offence and may need the help of an investigation agency like ours to help gather the facts and evidence.

Company fraud

Company fraud is one of the most common crimes that businesses see today. Our operatives can join your workforce to conduct surveillance directly and also use discreet video devices to record the evidence.

Corporate surveillance

Carrying out surveillance could be an important requirement in order to gather robust facts on certain situations. Our operatives can join your workforce to conduct surveillance directly.

Corporate debugging

Walls should not have ears, but in some cases they do. At A1 Investigations, we use sophisticated debugging equipment to sweep your workplace or home for any listening devices that may have been planted.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking has become an incredibly useful unobtrusive business tool in recent years and helps companies plan work, track and understand movements effectively.

Background checks

Carrying out a background check is a great way of delivering peace of mind and in many cases these checks are used to help confirm a person’s suitability for key positions in companies.

Fuel fraud

Fuel fraud is a huge issue for many businesses especially transport companies. Keeping a track on usage levels and spotting anomalies is crucial in helping to protect your company finances and reputation.

Covert camera systems

There are times when the installation of a covert camera system will be required to secure key pieces of evidence – especially when theft in the workplace is suspected. Such crimes rarely stop without some form of intervention. We can also provide covert Listening devices.

Counter surveillance

If you are suddenly seeing a dip in your profits, competitors headhunting your talent and developing similar strategies to yours, you may need to consider some counter surveillance support to protect your business. A1 can identify, remove & prevent data leaks.

Employee claims investigation

At A1 Investigations, we have significant experience in supporting organisations when it comes to examining and researching employee allegations or claims which may be causing serious problems in the workplace.

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