Background checks

Carrying out a background check is a great way of delivering peace of mind and in many cases these checks are used to help confirm a person’s suitability for key positions in companies.

In today’s digital world, it is easy for people to create personas that may not be true.

For example as a business you may have numerous ideal candidates for a role, and a robust background check could be just the answer to help you make that final decision to ensure they really are as good as their CV says they are.

At A1, we provide companies with detailed reports that help build a factual picture surrounding a person’s background. We carefully navigate through rumour to gather the truth.

We carry out these checks with the utmost discretion to knit together all of the facts so that you can be sure you know the real background and status of who you are dealing with.

We are also able to conduct private checks on new and prospective partners and Clients.


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