Employee absenteeism and misconduct

Employees are the most valuable assets any company has, and businesses often invest a lot of time and money in training and equipping their teams. If an employee is regularly absent without a genuine reason, then this is a misconduct offence and may need the help of an investigation agency like ours to help gather the facts and evidence.

Equally, misconduct in the workplace can take many different forms such as theft, false expenses, espionage or bullying.

Absenteeism and misconduct matters require a lot of effort and money to manage and over time, can become a huge drain on company resources. It is therefore vital to any employer who is concerned about any of these matters, that evidence can be shown to have been gathered effectively – especially if this is needed for use in any tribunal or dismissal situation.

We have significant experience in supporting organisations in all types of employee matters and collecting evidence ready for the next stage in the process.


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