Fuel fraud

Fuel fraud is a huge issue for many businesses especially transport companies. Keeping a track on usage levels and spotting anomalies is crucial in helping to protect your company both financially and reputationally.

The selling and re-selling of fuel remains big business and can result in huge financial losses for companies. At A1 Investigations, we can help your business address this issue in a number of ways:
  • By using our expertise to identify where the ‘leaks’ are in your fuel management procedures and processes. Prevention is always better, so we can help you put in the right checks and balances to minimise the risk of fuel fraud
  • If you believe fuel fraud is being committed in your business, we can set up appropriate surveillance management to identify the source of the fraud and gather the evidence you need to put a stop to it
If you are concerned about fuel theft, we can help you find the evidence you need so that you can take appropriate and decisive action.


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