GPS tracking

GPS tracking has become an incredibly useful unobtrusive business tool in recent years and helps companies plan work, track and understand movements effectively.

Being able to create detailed tracking reports helps businesses understand existing and emerging movement patterns and plan workloads to deliver efficiency and improve the bottom line.

Any business, large or small, can benefit from this form of cost-effective technology.

These devices can also help gather evidence if monitoring the movements of teams or individuals is required. There may be cases where tracking the movements of an individual is needed to help inform an investigation into company fraud, for example. Using a GPS device enables investigators to effectively track movements without the need to be physically present. The insights gained can help support disciplinary procedures and can ensure surveillance can be carried out in a low-risk way.

There are many advantages to using GPS tracking equipment:

  • Asset protection and security – if any company assets such as vehicles are stolen, then a GPS system will help give vital insight into location and timelines regarding the theft
  • Asset control – GPS helps businesses to manage and plan workloads efficiently and allows real time monitoring of progress on key activities and jobs
  • Customer service – a GPS system enables companies to provide effective customer service updates such as expected delivery times
  • Peace of mind – being able to monitor your valuable assets no matter how big or small they might be can help give you reassurance

Whether you need GPS to drive business efficiency or to help support an investigation, we can provide you with the right solution.


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