Proof of cohabitation

When a relationship has broken down and there are children involved, there are often financial arrangements such as maintenance payments put in place. If there are changes to the living arrangements with regards to new partners moving in, then this can affect maintenance payments and adjustments are often necessary as household income will be affected.

A1 Investigations can help gather any evidence to show if an ex-partner is co-habiting with a new spouse. It might be that an ex-partner has stated they are living alone, and they might be doing so for financial gain. They may live in another part of the UK now or even overseas which makes it difficult for a client to find out the information they need.

By gathering the facts, this evidence can then be used to ensure nobody is paying more money than they are legally required to do so with regards to child maintenance.

We provide reports in a court ready format to ensure they can be quickly used and acted upon.


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