Tracing missing persons

There are many reasons people want to trace a missing person. It may be to reconnect with a long lost family member or friend or it might be to find someone who actively decided to disappear. Other reasons to trace people include tracking down witnesses to incidents who may be able to help in a court case or it might be that someone owes you money.

Whatever the reason, A1 Investigations can help you using our state of the art systems and technology to track people down using the latest tools and resources.

More often than not, tracing a person falls outside the remit of a police investigation and people often end up frustrated and not sure where to turn next. They will try many different routes often focused on internet research but this can often prove difficult without the right tools and resources.

To help with any missing persons investigation, we will work closely with a client to get as much information about the individual as we can to get our search off to the strongest possible start.


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