Private Investigation Services

We offer a range of private investigation services to support our clients in finding peace of mind in their personal lives. Whatever situation you are dealing with, we have the services to help you uncover the truth.

There can be many personal reasons you might need the services of a private detective. You might be having relationship problems and suspect your partner is cheating or you may be concerned about the wellbeing of your partner or a family member with regard to certain habits such as gambling or alcohol.

Equally, you may need some support from a financial perspective regarding maintenance payments or you might need to trace a missing person. If you need peace of mind then the services that A1 Investigations offers can support you in all aspects of your private life and help you find out the truth, whatever situation you are dealing with.

A1 Investigations provides the following private investigation services for your personal needs.

Peace of mind reports

There are many reasons to request a peace of mind report. A partner, family member or friend may be acting oddly and you are concerned for their wellbeing. Equally, you might suspect a partner is being unfaithful.

Matrimonial & divorce

It is never an easy time if you do suspect your partner is being unfaithful, but at A1 we work closely with you to carry out discreet matrimonial surveillance both in the UK and overseas as required.

Proof of cohabitation

A1 Investigations can help gather any evidence to show if an ex-partner is co-habiting with a new spouse. It might be that an ex-partner has stated they are living alone, and they might be doing so for financial gain.

Digital infidelity

We can also support you in investigating digital as well as physical infidelity. In today’s digitally driven world, infidelity can take on many forms and does not always involve being unfaithful face to face.

Tracing missing persons

There are many reasons people want to trace a missing person. It may be to reconnect with a long lost family member or friend or it might be to find someone who actively decided to disappear.


Walls should not have ears, but in some cases they do. At A1 Investigations, we use sophisticated debugging equipment to sweep your home for any listening devices that may have been planted.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking has become an incredibly useful, unobtrustive tool in recent years to help track movement effectively. GPS tracking can help you in a variety of different cases such as matrimonial or child protection.

Covert camera systems

There are times when the installation of a covert camera system will be required to secure key pieces of evidence – especially when theft in the home is suspected. We also provide covert Listening devices.

Trace enquiries

Sometimes the people you need to engage with disappear. When this happens, you may be left out of pocket, especially if they or their business owe you money. We can find people and businesses.

Process serving

At A1 Investigations we provide a fully comprehensive service for serving process documents. This includes the delivery and serving of both court and private documents.

Solicitor’s agents and legal litigation

We are called upon more than ever before to provide our expertise to governments and councils to help them deliver key pieces of work.

Overseas private assignments

All of our highly trained agents are used to operating both in the UK and abroad to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

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